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Welcome to our Spotlight Series - a page dedicated to the incredible efforts of the in house pro bono community and those who offer resources to the community.  These stories aim to showcase impactful committees and projects which we hope will serve as an inspiration and guide to other in house teams.

Should we spotlight your committee, project or organisation? Be in touch! We'd love to hear from you and help share and amplify your story.

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Visa's Z2K Tribunals Project

Visa works with Z2K to support low-income individuals in need of tribunal representation, who have been denied sickness or disability benefits.

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Accenture's Legal Access Committee

Accenture's Legal Access programme serves its over 3,200 legal professionals across nearly 50 countries.


Goldman Sachs' Pro Bono Committee

Learn about Goldman Sachs' pro bono committee, including its recent expansion to include engineering and compliance division employees.

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LawWorks Pro Bono Brokering Service

Did you know you can source pro bono projects, clinic work, receive specialized training, and benefit from insurance coverage from LawWorks?

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Euclid Transactional's Kids in Need of Defense Project

Lawyers at Euclid help refugee families to apply for citizenship for their children.

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Bank of America's Room to Heal Project

Bank of America assists refugees on employment law issues and works with Be Lifted Now, providing support to women in Camden.


GSK's Pro Bono Committee

GSK started their UK pro bono programme 5 years ago and have expanded to cover Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

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Visa's Pro Bono Committee

Read about Visa's pro bono committee which has grown tremendously since its inception in 2017 and has no plans to stop.

Accenture Emma Hearse .jpeg

Accenture's Hatch Enterprise Project

Accenture runs clinics to provide legal support to under-represented entrepreneurs in cooperation with Gibson Dunn.


Volunteering Opportunities with TrustLaw

TrustLaw is the world's largest pro bono network connecting thousands of NGOs with lawyers across the world


Bloomberg's Green Tech Legal Collaborative Project

Bloomberg provides pro bono legal support for greentech startups from Imperial College's Enterprise Lab.


Guggenheim Partners' Pro Bono Committee

Guggenheim's pro bono committee was formed in 2017 and is a joint programme between the legal and compliance department.


Goldman Sachs' Connect Legal Advice Clinic

Goldman has running a Connect virtual legal advice clinic for homeless youths since 2016.


GSK's Support to GSK's IMPACT Award Winners

GSK's project aligns with GSK/ViiV's overall mission of supporting individuals through healthcare.


Advocate's Pro Bono Offering for Qualified Barristers

Advocate gives qualified barristers the opportunity to provide pro bono advice to people who cannot afford legal help.


PILnet's Pro Bono Volunteering Opportunities

PILnet brings legal professionals and civil society organisations together on pro bono projects around the world


Citi's Pro Bono Committee

Learn about Citi's pro bono committee which has been in existence for 15 years with members representing the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


HSBC's Involvement with the Access to Justice Scheme

HSBC is involved in the Access to Justice Scheme representing clients appealing disability benefits decisions.

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Liberty's Pro Bono Volunteering Through LawWorks

Liberty was looking for a pro to get involved in consistent with their company values of making things better and putting people first. LawWorks had just the offering.


HSBC's Pro Bono Programme

HSBC has a local pro bono committee in each of its regions - learn how these committees work and how the global committee brings them all together.

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To come

We will continue to build out the Spotlight Series throughout the year. Should your team's committee or project be highlighted here? Be in touch, we'd love to feature you!

The In House Pro Bono Group would like to thank the National Pro Bono Centre for their assistance in pulling together our Spotlight Series, via their case study expert Lisa Naylor; an ex-in house lawyer and current communications expert who kindly interviewed all our subjects and drafted the text you read in this series.

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